Our Mission
Guide mobile businesses toward sustainable growth with innovative solutions and dedicated support.
Who We Are
App Samurai is a trusted tech provider for all businesses aiming to achieve mobile growth, regardless of their size or positioning in the mobile ecosystem. It embarked on its journey in 2016 with its first product, App Samurai, a user acquisition platform sharing the same name as the company. At that time, the UA landscape was monopolized by giant apps and was difficult to enter for beginner or mid-level apps. The initial aim was to empower the growth of all mobile businesses.

The rapid evolution of the industry created new demands and pushed the company to expand. User acquisition would be the first step of the mobile growth journey, since mobile businesses also need to avoid fraudulent activities in ad campaigns. In 2018, Interceptd, the second product, was launched as a fraud detection and prevention tool.

Since real growth comes with retention, the next step was to provide a reliable solution for app engagement. In 2020, Storyly came into the picture with a unique approach based on bringing social native story format to mobile apps.

Now, App Samurai offers a comprehensive tech for healthy and sustainable mobile growth with its three core solutions. Seamless, end-to-end services of the App Samurai team enable mobile businesses to build sustainable connections with their customers via their mobile apps.
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History of App Samurai

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Meet the Samurais
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